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NXE Australia Pty Limited (dba Foxtel) is an Australian pay television company—operating in cable television, direct broadcast satellite television, and IPTV streaming services. It was formed in April 2018, superseding an earlier company from 1995. The name 'FOXTEL' is a blend of News Corporation's 'Fox' Broadcasting and 'Tel' from Telstra.

Foxtel has outdated technology, limited viewing options, and has a poor customer service, Dawn shared a review at

"Outdated technology and limited viewing options. There is no way Foxtel can compete with the other options available now. Don’t waste your time with this organization. Customer service is not a priority to them."


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Manager (Current Employee) says

"Working here is like working in a sweat shop, even people working in sweat shops get paid more. I am not respected as manager and one of my employees took a dump on me when i was sleeping at HOME.I think i may quit the job.7 extra dollarseverything in the job"

Customer service (Current Employee) says

"My typical day, is to answer inbound customer calls. These are inbound billing calls. My job was to take a payment and resume service where required."

Creative Director (Current Employee) says

"A horrible culture, everyone on edge. Ongoing redundancies, on a weekly basis. Long hours sometimes. Most couldn't wait for the day to end. CEO was more excited about his 80inch TV at his country getaway than the collapsing of the company. Competition Streaming services has Foxtel running scared, but no direction."

Sky engineer (Former Employee) says

"installation work was ok shame about the company i worked for"

Satellite Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Turning up at 06:30 for equipment, driving all round South London and not getting paid. How to install Sky products. Management was bad. Bad culture. Weather. Meeting the public.NoneNot getting paid"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Well they say the fish rots from the head and they are not wrong here. What was once an amazing place to work has turned sour. I used to say even the bad days at Foxtel were still pretty good. Now I couldn’t even tell you the last time we had a good day. The toxic culture has resulted in stress related burnout for countless employees. It is an unhealthy place to be"

Business Continuity Manager (Current Employee) says

"Has the potential to be a good place to work but due a huge amount of content change and a lack of transparency from the leadership the workplace culture is poor.Free Foxtelno direction from leadership"

IT Manager (Former Employee) says

"The team where i worked was good but its nothing to do with company They cant even afford decent salary - Only the higher management are the lucky ones. Job stability is poor as Foxtel is going sinking every passing day!"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Very rude and nasty management. Make 1 little mistake and they will take you to the 'grilling" room to be interrogated. They like to make you feel small. The wages were decent though and you get paid for the two weeks of poor training.Paid training and free foxtel.Cruel management. You also need to kiss behinds to get anywhere."

Head of Design (Former Employee) says

"Fixated on subscriptions with little or no understanding of the world in which they operate, underscored by poor management and a lack of creative vision."

Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"Hours can be sometimes tough to battle work/life balance as the restoring is not consistent. Sometimes hard to organize holidays and time off from work because it needs to be approved from resourcing and alot of the time is not approved or requires department manager approval. Good training on the job. Good Support on the floor when needed. Can be a bit Hierarchical, people who get along with TLs appear to promote quickly. Alot of systems to use and memorize, but you have an onscreen step by step guide to assist you on call. Good Perks, free foxtel, discounted internet at home. Foxtel boxes setup on desks to use while on calls. Free Wifi at work. Expect to take about 25-35+ calls a day Internet & TV related.Free foxtel, TV's everywhere while you work.Limited parking in carpark."

Inbound Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I prepared meals for patients in hospital , all forms of dietary requirements, Diabetic,Kosher ect , made and provided sandwiches to the wards. When I started it was stipulated no family memebers will work together in same dept, once management changed hands ..other members bought in relatives and the "out siders" got fired.preparing meals, meeting patientsno gratitude from management or problems solved"

Av engineer (Former Employee) says

"You don’t get no benefits working for Foxtel you are self employed and don’t have no benefits like pension or sick pay you don’t work you don’t get payed Benefits is a van and tools only but you can’t use it for personal use unless you put your own fuelNoneNone"

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"working for foxtel was fun it taught to me to be very patient and learnt to pay more attention to detail. my job title was always make sure the customer gets the best out of foxtel as a company and to also upsell without sounding like a typical sales consultant. the hardest part about my job were the awkward hours because it was an Australian campaign we had to accommodate their incetivesworked long hours and it was night shift"

Content (Former Employee) says

"A lot of former employees really go to town on Foxtel, my experience is that it was like any other large corporate struggling to pivot in an industry that was already being disrupted - the old guard hanging on to the glory days and not wanting to change, a healthy dose of paranoia amongst staff and a lack of direction from management. Whilst no one would begrudge them for enjoying the monopoly they once had; a lack of foresight and the arrogance that comes with being at the top led the company to abandon any attempt at customer retention and positive word of mouth, focusing on their burgeoning sales instead. It was 'our way or the highway' - now a stark lesson in what not to do should you wish to weather the storms of technological advancement. The above being said, there were some really talented people at Foxtel, within all departments, and overall i enjoyed my time there. The staff benefits are good and the general atmosphere in the office was one of collaboration. Unfortunately, what people often 'collaborated' on was chasing their tails after any kind of structure or insight driven strategy - but we were at least striving towards it together. Admittedly the issue was partly due to my department being at the mercy of the aforementioned 'old guard' - who, despite having a laudable amount of knowledge and experience about content and the way the industry worked, were overly focused on linear advertising dollars and patting themselves on the back over outdated 'glory' metrics. It is frustrating, because Aussies are loyal to their own and Foxtel has a real opportunity"

Customer Sales & Service Consultant (Current Employee) says

"For the most part they look after their staff, but when you drill down its like any other big company. The culture is lacking and the company values message gets lost along the way. Definitely has its perks with free entertainment monthly and other free bonus!Free entertainment monthlyNot transparent enough"

Customer Service and Sales (Former Employee) says

"The Team Leaders were mostly approachable. The customer culture was stressful due to the daily abuse and the Management did not support in this. The training was for 6 weeks with ongoing coaching which was good. The hardest part of the job was the constant influx of Calls and the customer abuse. I learnt a lot about Foxtel and the products.Large Cafe and Staff area.Late Shifts."


"Work load can be unreliable. When it is busy it is very busy and when it is quiet it is very quiet. Work can be very challenging for different types of installations which requires you to always be expanding your skills."

installation or migration of anlog to digital. (Former Employee) says

"Contract work for two years. but work ran out after one year, First day start all I needed to know was fully explained. Begin work simple by picking up set top boxes for the digital Migration for Foxtel's change over from analogue to digital conversion. all involved ie management and customers alike were supporting and graces. trouble started when work was starting to lighten. fewer locations and complex install were given. Example two story houses and hard to access installs. in town Foxtel, good at start money, almost 2thou weeklydistance for work location between sites."

Business Unit Manager Centralised TV Services (Former Employee) says

"You'll work with some of the most talented people in the media sector. You can become involved in challenging, innovative and exciting work. If you can hook your way into/onto some of the higher profile works/projects you'll be able to progress your career and raise your profile. Re-organisations are occurring given the necessary shifts and redirections that the business are making."

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